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at Domaine Saint Julien

Reservation / Contact: 00 33 6 35 45 20 20

Domaine SJ offers traditional and bistronomic cuisine.

Frequently on the menu:

Apéritif with Domaine’s apricot liqueur, Tapenade Toast, Black Tanche Olives, 12-month-aged Ham, seasonal vegetables, and accompaniments.

Vegetable Mille-Feuille (seasonal) with Venison terrine.

Gratin Dauphinois, Domaine Lamb or Venison, seasonal accompaniments.

Local goat cheese.

Desserts vary by season (Pear-poached Tiramisu, Green Fig or Rosé Apricot Tart, Nuciola/Vanilla/Apricot Profiteroles, Apricot Vacherin, etc., etc.).



The cuisine of Provencal Drôme skillfully blends the sunny flavors of Provence with high-quality local produce. Olive oil imparts its fragrance to the dishes, locally raised lamb, and goat cheeses are delightful. Aromatic herbs like thyme or savory add a Provencal touch to traditional dishes, while local wines perfect this culinary experience. It’s a simple, authentic cuisine, soaked in sunshine, celebrating the terroir of the region.

The Domaine produces a significant portion of the food on-site or sources them from other local producers in the region.

huile d'olives sur du pain



Olives & oils from the Estate

Estate Garden: Eggplants, zucchinis, bell peppers, tomatoes, melons, squash, etc.

Apricots, figs, cherries, walnuts, almonds from the Estate

Goat cheese wheel

Lambs & Ewes from the Estate

Wild game venison

Estate’s apricot liqueur

Distilled products



Domaine Saint Julien’s restaurant


Monday: dinner

Tuesday: dinner

Wednesday: dinner

Thursday: lunch & dinner

Friday: lunch & dinner

Saturday: lunch & dinner

Sunday: lunch & dinner


Reservation / Contact: 00 33 6 35 45 20 20

huile d olives du domaine saint julien